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  • Interview with Makeup Artist Sara Behar Yunatanov

    Thursday Beauty: Interview with Makeup Artist Sara Behar Yunatanov

     By: ARIELA

    A few weeks ago we had the privilege of doing an editorial photo-shoot with some of the freshest talent in NYC. Our model was beyond gorgeous and a well seasoned professional who was in the top 15 for the Guess Model Search, the same contest that discovered Kate Upton. We used the streets of Astoria, New York, home to the first Diva NY boutique in Queens for our backdrop.

    The photo shoot was inspired by punchy summer fashion and street style, and we wanted the model’s makeup to reflect that fresh summer style. We called veteran makeup artist Sara Behar Yunatanov to give our model an instant glow.

    Meet Sara Behar Yunatanov

    sara behar yunatanov, diva NY, make up artist

    Last Thursday Beauty, we covered Mermaid Inspired Beauty from the Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. True to the spirit and nature of Thursday’s post, we’ve got the full scoop on the best products; make up inspiration and artistry behind the makeup from our editorial shoot a la our makeup artist Sara Behar Yunatanov.

    Sara Behar Yuntanov got her start in makeup in a less conventional way than most makeup artists you may know. After a trip to the Mac store, she says she was “fascinated by all the different products for various skin colors, tones and textures.” Her passion for makeup artistry only strengthened when she started doing makeup for herself and her friends. She instantly loved the feeling of creating something and most of all “making someone feel beautiful,” Says Yunatanov.

     15 Minutes with the Pro


    We sat down with Sara Behar Yuntanov and got the chance to pick her brain about how she did makeup for the photo shoot.

    Diva: What was your inspiration for the daytime outfit looks we chose to shoot?

    Sara: I drew inspiration from the fresh feeling of a summer daytime look, think bronzed, sun kissed, glowing skin. The first thing that came to mind was a very summery and lightweight feeling.

    Diva: What products did you use on the model to achieve that fresh daytime look?

    Sara: I used Makeup Forever HD Foundation, which is my absolute favorite because it gives the most coverage with the most lightweight formula. I added a touch of shimmer with Nars’ Copacabana highlighter. To create contour and get that bronze look I used Smashbox Suntan Matte, which I also swear by.

    Diva: What was your initial inspiration for the night looks we had to shoot? Did you find it a challenge to create a nighttime makeup look without starting fresh?

    Sara: I love a challenge, so not starting with a fresh face and adding onto the look I had already created for the model’s daytime look was just about building up the drama. When I saw the sexy look the model had for the photoshoot, I knew I had to draw on the sexiness of the outfits. The makeup should always compliment your outfit!

    Diva: What products did you use for the second ‘look’?

    Sara: I added Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Liner in Perversion to the waterline. By smudging it out I gave the model a sexy look. I used Makeup Geek’s Eyeshadow in “Corrupt:” on top and bottom for a sultry, smoky look perfect for evenings and special occasions.

     Diva: Where is your favorite place to get new makeup?

    Sara: MAC of course! The options there are endless and they are super helpful there. I get other brands I love at Sephora, too.

    Make Up In Style

    sara behar yunatanov, makeup artist, diva NY

    A special thanks is in order to Sara Behar Yunatanov for her time and makeup artistry skills. Makeup can really add or take away from a Diva’s outfit. Use Sara’s tips, tricks and product suggestions to get our model’s look! You can always get more info and makeup ideas from Sara’s makeup instagram account, @Makeupinstyle.

    Liked today’s post? Want more interview style posts? Let us know! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, too.

  • Wednesday: What to Wear to a Pool Party

    Wednesday: What to Wear to a Pool Party

    By: ARIELA

    pool party, what to wear to a pool party, diva NY, divany

    Summer is upon us and there seems to only be a handful of ways to cool off: staying indoors in cool AC, eating ice cream, going to the beach, or going to the pool. These options could be a lot more glamorous if we could add a party into the mix. The easiest way to be fabulous and stay cool this summer seems to be the latter option, a pool party.

    Last What to Wear Wednesday we covered American Flag inspired outfits for all your Fourth of July party needs. This time we’re taking the red, white and blue out of the equation and serving you a slew of awesome pool party appropriate attire.

     Pool Party Rules

    When dressing for a pool party its important to remember not to try too hard. Here are our no fail tips for looking chic by the pool:

    • Never wear a wedge or a heel to a pool party unless you are in Las Vegas. Can you say tacky.
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously. If your outfit is too expensive / can’t get wet, your better off not wearing it.
    • Always have a cool pair of shades. Sunglasses at a pool party are the ultimate accessory and equivalent of a killer handbag.
    • Always wear a swimsuit cover-up you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in on the street. You never know where the after party will be!

    Diva Pool Picks

    Here at Diva we have a ton of options that meet these criteria and will catch everyone’s eyes around the pool. What’s great is our price point – nothing over $50, so don’t worry if you get pushed in the pool, as well as the versatility…wear these looks from day to night, we dare you.

    pool party, what to wear to a pool party, divany, diva NY

    From Left to Right:

    A romper is a great alternative to a beach dress as it is more fashion forward. Try this festive Serape Romper perfect for a pool party. Wear with fun bangles for a complete look.

    Beach pants are the ultimate fashion must have this summer. We love our Bohemia Palazzo Pants with a monokini as the top or just wear with a bikini top and you've got a cool look. These pants come in blue, too!

    Last but not least is the coveted Mexicana Maxi Dress. Another fun print, this dress is the best option for a transitional outfit that will take you day to night. The lightweight material makes it perfect for a pool party outfit.

    Accessorize Appropriately 

    Did you know Diva also carries a line of jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses? We’re on top of the latest and greatest trends, but we only carry them in store, so come in and check it out.

    Liked today’s post? Want more on party attire? Let us know! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more stuff you Divas love.

  • What to Wear Wednesday: July 4th Style

    What to Wear Wednesday: July 4th Style

    By: ARIELA

    july 4th, america, diva NY, july 4th style

    July 4th falls out on a Friday this year. That means a weekend long of BBQs, celebrations, beach time and fireworks. May God bless America and bless all of us with a wonderful and stylish weekend!

     Last week in our What to Wear Wednesday post we featured  looks inspired by the World Cup. America may be out of the running but that doesn't mean you can't wave your flag proudly this July 4th!

    The American Flag

    If you can recall your 4th grade History facts, you’d remember that Betsey Ross sewed together the first American flag. As each state joined after the civil war, a star would be added, resulting in today’s 50 stars and stripes. The red, white and blue color of the flag was derived from the British flag of the same colors, who we gained independence from on this very fine July 4th holiday.

    So back the red, white and blue. In the streets people will be sporting everything Americana. Bikinis, tee shirts, flags, bandanas, you name it. But where do you draw the line? When does it become cheesy? It is easy for a print with such bold colors that signifies the freedom of our country to look tacky in the way that our flag is sacred and not a fashion statement.

    July 4th by Diva

    A great alternative is to where red, white or blue, and add in accessories to keep things classy. Dressing up with friends can be fun, too. Designate a color for each friend and you’ll look like the most fashion forward flag that ever lived.

    Here at Diva, we have tons of patriotic July 4th wear! Keep reading for our favorite looks in the red, white and blue hues.

    july 4th, america, diva NY, july 4th style

    From left to right: 

    Our Audrey Off The Shoulder Dress in red is classy and sexy, a great take on Audrey Hepburn style if you will. Wear this dress if you want to stand out or are headed to a nice event this July 4th.

    A romper is a great way to look stylish yet playful. We love our Cross Over Romper in Ivory which you'll find plenty of uses for year round as well. Add red and blue accessories for a specific look.

    This Cage Top Romper in Royal Blue is great for a day to night look. Wear it over your swimsuit by the pool, and then add a pair of wedges for a nighttime BBQ with friends and family.

    Liked today's post? Want more posts like today's? Let us know! Don't forget to check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram as well. Enjoy your weekend and Happy July 4th Divas!

  • Tuesday Profiles: Whit by Chance

    Tuesday Profiles: Whit by Chance

    By: ARIELA

    We love fashion bloggers plain and simple. They help us think of ingenious way to style, wear and incorporate clothes into our lives through pictures and social media. Reading fashion blogs can be a hobby if fashion is your passion. Like a fashion magazine, a fashion blog can keep you up to date on the latest and greatest trends but there is something tangible about a fashion blogger who can put together high end and low, old and new to create a cohesive look.

     Last Tuesday Profile we brought you our beloved Brooke Brumback of the blog Brooklynn Inspired. While Brooke is from California, Whit by Chance offers something completely different from another countries perspective but both young women show a great aptitude for putting together outfits in a personal way.

    Meet Whit By Chance 

    Meet Whitney, or Whit for short. Her blog Whit By Chance is a curated place to find outfit inspiration. Whit calls herself an ordinary Canadian girl who loves clothes, and today, on Canada Day nonetheless, we salute her.

    Whit By Chance started off on Instagram as an outlet for a place where she could share her Outfit of the Day, or OOTD. Her pictures do not include her face, rather a close up in the same standard position to showcase the outfit. While this may sound like a way to make one-self impersonal, her account comes off as anything but. Now she is giving blogging a try and we can’t wait to see how it goes.

    OOTD Style

    Whit contacted us to collaborate and we just couldn’t say no! She has showcased tops from Diva NY three times on her Whit By Chance instagram and her fans loved it!

    whit by chance, whitbychance, fashionblogger, diva NY


    Whit really knows how to play with proportions and change it up. She wore our Wonderland Crochet Crop Top in black; first with a festive floral high waisted short that played with the cropped top and scalloped crochet detail as well.


    whit by chance, whitbychance, fashionblogger, diva NY


    She wore the top again with a white envelope skort that was all the rage this past season and seems to still be a strong style moving forward into summer. The severity of the black and white outfit is cut by the playful rose attaché details in her thick braid. We just love her luscious hair.

    whit by chance, whitbychance, fashionblogger, diva NY


    She also took out our super versatile Point Off The Shoulder Crop Top. Paired with a funky print tulip skirt, this outfit can go two ways” for a night out on the town or with sandals for an every day look.

    Like Whit by Chance's style? Check her out on Instagram or her blog. Liked today's post? Let us know? Don't forget to find us on all social media for more stuff you Divas love.

  • Thursday Beauty: Mermaid Inspired Beauty

    Thursday Beauty: Mermaid Inspired Beauty

    By: ARIELA

    mermaid, mermaid parade, mermaid parade coney island, mermaid inspired beauty, diva NY

    This past weekend in Coney Island, New Yorkers celebrated the 33rd annual Mermaid Parade. Each year, marchers dressed in Mermaid garb march up and down Surf Avenue and the boardwalk. Judges judge costumes; families watch vintage cars and floats parade down the streets and insane marine costumes are observed. The parade pays homage to the Mardi Gras celebrations of the 20th century.

    Mermaid Parade

    Every year, there is a mermaid parade queen and king, this year being De Blasio’s son and daughter. The parade is a non-profit event. Coney Island used to be the only amusement park around for miles and families far and near would make the trip out to Brooklyn for day of fun.

    Last Thursday Beauty we gave you the low down on how to make your manicure last for like, ever. This week, we’re going to give you mermaid inspired beauty looks that are perfect if you were inspired by the parade or are really just digging the summer.

    Color Association 

    mermaid, mermaid inspired beauty, mermaid parade, diva NY

    When you think of a mermaid, what’s the colors or things that come to mind? We’re definitely on the page of the sea and all the blues and greens you find underwater as well as shimmering scales, kind of like Disney’s Ariel the Mermaid.

    • A great way to channel under the sea without going overboard is to try a nail polish in a sparkling green hue like the one pictured above from Debora Lippmann.
    • Make Up Forever's newest lined called Aqua Summer Collection is just that: tons of beauty products inspired by the colors of the water, like this sea foam green shadow for lids.
    • Blue mascara is said to lengthen the appearance of lashes because the color coating on a 3 dimensional base, your lash lends itself to optical illusions (pun intended.) Try a subdued blue mascara like this one from Lancome for a mermaid look.

    A Diva's Take

    At Diva NY, all our clothes are versatile but some thing stick out as being mermaid friendly and conducive to mermaid inspired beauty looks. Try any of our looks with the beauty products we suggested above for a complete aquatic feel.

    mermaid, mermaid parade, mermaid parade coney island, diva NY


    Our Cross Over Romper in jade reminds us of the tail of a mermaid. Complete the look with subtle beauty additions as the color of this romper speaks for itself.

    In the middle we have our Gardenia Dress in blue which is so close to anemone of the sea or any of the bioluminescence in far away locations. Try pairing with bright eyeshadow for a stand out look.

    This Ladder Day top in turquoise looks like the ocean in some of our favorite vacation spots. Keep it cool and wear with a matching mani.

    Liked today's post? Want to read more about our favorite and inspired beauty products? Let us know! Don't forget to check out our facebook, instagram and Pinterest, too.

  • Thursday Beauty: Grease 35th Anniversary

    Thursday Beauty: Grease 35th Anniversary

    By: ARIELA

    grease, grease 35th anniversary, diva NY, sandy from grease costume, grease outfit

    35 years ago to the day, the beloved movie Grease came out. Staring an unforgettable cast including John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sang their ways into the hearts of Americans across the nation.

    Pop Culture Relevancy

    The premise of this 1950’s theme movie is how bad boy Greaser Danny Zucko falls for a popular and pretty Pink Lady, Sandra Olsson, who is a foreign exchange student with a good girl rep. These two star crossed lovers belt it out and find their way into each other’s hearts through a series of songs, a carnival and even a drag race.

    Although 35 years have passed since the movie came out, we’re still singling “Summer Loving” and “You’re the One That I want” all the time, because man are those lyrics catchy. I mean who doesn’t want to go back to High School just to dance on the cafeteria tables or go to drive in movies with friends? Those kids at Rydell High lived the life.

    Last week for our Thursday Beauty we gave you tips and tricks on how to make your manicure last. This week we’ve got the spotlight on the Grease 35th anniversary and all the beauty and fashion trends that stood the test of time.

    Go Grease Lightening

    The looks and beauty trends in Grease could not be more relevant. All over the runways we’re seeing 50’s inspired looks. Here at Diva, we picked out our favorite looks from the movie and showed you how to get them with our summer collection as well as beauty tricks to match.

    grease, grease 35th anniversary, diva NY, sandy from grease costume, grease outfit

    When Sandy gets a make over I can't help but get excited, I've got chills, they're multiplying. Get her look in our point off the shoulder crop top in black and our aptly named sandra high waisted pants (Named after the character, naturally,) along with accessories to keep you permed 'do in shape, a sexy red lip, flirty lashes and of course, signature red heels.

    Untitled-1Liked Sandy before the make over? Get the 50's inspired full skirt look with our Coco sateen pleated skirt in blush or in black. Polish off the look like squeaky clean sandy by keeping your hair combed and neat, use a hair mask for true platinum blonde-nesss and adding a white bow for the finishing touches.

    We wish we could tell you more, but it's time to wrap things up. Liked today's post? Want more posts like today's Thursday Beauty? Let us know! Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram, too.

  • What To Wear Wednesday: World Cup Edition

    What To Wear Wednesday: World Cup Edition

    By: ARIELA

    world cup brazil, diva NY, what to wear to the world cup, soccer

    Have you noticed an influx of people watching sports at the bar lately? Or perhaps the nations flags from all different countries and mass celebrations in the streets of the city? If you’re not sure what’s going on, we’re here to explain. The World Cup is taking place now and has people all over fired up about soccer (or should we say futbol.)


    This year, the game is taking place in Brazil. The world cup is the largest sports competition where several different soccer teams compete for the title of the best team in the world. The competition takes place once every four years, so brace yourselves Divas.

    Last what to wear Wednesday we gave you some killer options for prom perfect dresses. This week, we’ve got the perfect outfits put together for a complete world cup ensemble.

    World Cup Worthy Tops

    While the World Cup is going on, you might as well embrace it and enjoy the game with friends. But no need to walk around with the jersey from your favorite team now. We have super cool alternatives that are fashion forward and you can wear year round too!

    world cup brazil, diva NY, what to wear to the world cup, soccer

    From left to right:

    We love this red-hot Game Time 65 Lace Jersey. Feminine meets street style with this cool top. Wear it to show off your World Cup pride or as an urban inspired outfit.

    Our Totally 22 Tank in a fun print reminds of the location of the world cup: tropical and fun like Brazil. Wear with top with cool shorts to keep cool while sweating over your favorite team.

    Our most versatile top of the bunch, out Game Time 65 Lace Jersey in black can be worn as shown or

     Complete the Look

    world cup, world cup 2014, world cup brazil, diva NY, what to wear to the world cup, soccer

    Pair with accessories like a girlie statement necklace or these cool non-cheesy merchandise for a complete game day look.

    Liked today’s post? Who’s your favorite team? Let us know! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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