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  • Natural Treatments for Happy-Looking Skin!

    Monday: Happy Skin.

    green face mask


    In some form or another, we struggle with one skin condition to the next. With the seasons changing again, more women are researching the perfect skin regimen – without using chemicals. We’ve asked around the Diva NY team on what skin care routines they use and sure enough, we found some winners.


    Orange Juice


    On your face? You bet, says one of our staff. She drinks a glass a day and uses it as her nighttime regimen by gently massaging the liquid around her face. “I use it for brighter skin.”

    Sugar + Honey

    istock-19961325-sugar-spoons_custom-fce11176fb6278eb6681cf3bf8cf1bde8c31eee3-s6-c30This little mask is super cheap to make and works!  Just mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of sugar until evenly blended. Massage and leave on the face for 20 minutes. "I have sensitive skin. I like that I can use what's right in my kitchen and save money and not irritate my skin." Scrub and rinse it out.



    Tomato is rich in Vitamin A.  There’s no need to throw out the tops once you’ve eat your tomatoes. Take the tops and massage your skin with them. Alternatively,  if you're feeling really ambitious, you can make a mask mixed with lemon juice and wash it out.




    After trying these natural skin care tips, you’ve got to pick out your dresses to show off your radiant skin!


    Whites, pinks and beiges do wonders for brightening the skin. From left to right:

    We love our Simple Lace Center Open Back Dress Ivory, which hugs the body and adds brightness to the face and skin. You'll be glowing all day!

    The Petal Zip Up Front Bustier In Ivory draws a lot of attention to your neck, shoulders and face. Your sugar and honey exfoliation plan will brighten and the beige hues will flatter your glossy skin.

    This Neon Pink Rider Body Con Dress is a good choice. Pink hues are flattering and give a rosy and feminine feel. After you've brightened your skin with tomato skin treatment, this will be your go-to dress.

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  • Thursday Beauty: How To Fake A Tan

    Thursday Beauty: How To Fake A Tan

    By: ARIELA

    how to fake a tan, diva NY, spring break

    Spring break has come and gone and the seasons in New York have changed as well as the weather, which now permits us to wear white without blending in with the snow. Many of those who were frolicking on white sand instead came home with a great souvenir. and its not something you picked up in the airport; we're talking about a great, gorgeous tan.

    Last week and the week before that, we covered two cool beauty trends that had to do with hair styling. This week we're laying off your strands and going straight for the important stuff: your skin.

    Being A Tan Goddess

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to take off for spring break and are left behind feeling too fair skinned for comfort. This is especially an issue when all those cute white dresses in lace and whatnot debut for the spring time, but you feel like a chameleon and blend right in with the outfit.

    Have no fear! There are ways to feel less like Casper and look like you've just taken a relaxing vacation while wearing a white dress (as opposed to the dress wearing you.) You can fake a tan! How do you fake a tan? There are many different ways you can get a gorgeous glow in the comfort of your home, and economically might we add.

    How can you fake a tan without it looking, well, fake? Follow our easy tips for a hassle free, natural looking bronze.

    How To Fake A Tan

    Prepare you skin: remove excess dry skin which absorbs self tanners more. Keeping skin healthy is step 1 in how to fake a tan. Exfoliate like there is no tomorrow. On that note, don't forget to moisturize properly.

    Use latex gloves while you fake tan. Orange palms are a tell-tale sign you've been self tanning.Wear loose, dark, clothing after you tan to make sure your self tanner doesn't smudge or run.

    Give the tan 24 hours to set in before putting on those pretty white dresses!

    Read Marie Claire's article with an accompanying slide show "How To Fake A Tan" here for more tips and tricks.

     Show Off Your Hard Work 

    Learning how to fake a tan is a valuable beauty trick every Diva should have up her sleeve. Now that you're glowing, may we suggest some pretty white dresses to celebrate your success of not looking like a pumpkin, or an orange, or oompah loompa...

    how to fake a tan, fake tan, white dresses, diva ny

    Show off your hard work, that is your at home self tanning in these pretty white dresses from Diva NY. Try our flirty Disc Knit Dress with Cut Out Crochet Detail, our exclusive cap sleeve Peplum Dress with Railroad Jeweled Neck or, our favorite, the versatile tank mini dress, all under $50 and all stark white!

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  • Tuesday Profiles: Debuting the Diva Jewelry Collection

    Tuesday Profiles: Debuting the Diva Jewelry Collection

     By: ARIELA

    Here at Diva, we’ve dedicated every Tuesday to profiling those in the fashion industry – i.e. models, bloggers, buyer, you get the picture. Today we wanted to do something a little different and step away from the typical interview style that give insight unto the subject.

    Last week we profiled Phillipino fashion blogger Lynne Gabriel who is super talented and wore Diva NY in the spirit of spring, with bright pastel hues and accents to match. This week, we’re taking this profile opportunity to showcase our very own…drumroll please…jewelry and accessory line!

    About Our Jewelry Line

    jewelry, diva NY, diva ny jewelry

    We recently launched our Diva line of jewelry accessories for the Spring Summer 2014 collection. The inspiration for this collection is bright summer hues that pop against a pretty tan and statement necklaces that really build on a dress.

    If you have read any of our product descriptions on our site, you will see we always give style advice; for example, we love to offer outfit advice and write things “wear this with a cool cocktail ring,” or “pair this with statement jewelry.” Well finally, we’re able to get you one step closer to achieving that perfect Diva outfit.

     Priced to Sell

    In our collection we have a full assortment of bangles, bracelets, as well as matching rings and earring sets. And did we mention the best part yet? Each piece is priced at $5.00! At that price, you could have a different piece of show stopping jewelry on for every day of the week.

     Styles We Love

    jewelry, diva NY, diva ny jewelry

    Enamel bangles in turquoise, white and magenta, gold beaded medallion bracelets, chain mail emerald necklaces and ice-y cocktails rings with diamond accents make up some of our favorite pieces in the collection.

    Although our jewelry line is not available online just yet, check out any of our four Diva NY boutiques in Queens – each store has a little something different for you. You know what they say: Diamonds are a diva's best friend, so get your jewelry fix now before its all gone tomorrow.

    Liked today’s post? Want to hear about our upcoming Diva NY handbag collection? Comment here! Don’t forget to check out our facebook, pinterest and instagram account, @DivaNYcom for more stuff you Divas love.

  • Music Mondays: Coachella Music Festival

    Music Mondays: Coachella Music Festival

    By: ARIELA

    coachella, coachella music festival, coachella 2014, diva NY

    Officially known as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or just Coachella for short is just around the corner. This year, the festival takes place starting the weekend of April 11-13th. Every year, Coachella is held in Indio, California in the Indian Valley. The second weekend will be April 18th - 20th. This year tickets sold out in less than 3 hours, but if you're still planning to go, check craigslist and StubHub for good deals on weekend passes.

    Last week, we covered Ultra and what to wear to Ultra Music Festival 2014. But unlike Ultra, Coachella is geared to a much different genre of music and perhaps a different audience of people as well as a completely different style.

    The Lineup

    This year, the performing artists are top. OutKast is reuniting to headline the first day. Muse is set to headline the second day and Arcade Fire is closing the first weekend. Expect to see some of your favorite musicians like Lorde, Beck, Nas, Calvin Harris, Haim, MGMT, Foster the People, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Ray, Pharrell and Chromeo among many, many more, see the whole lineup on their official site.

    What to Wear to Coachella

    Coachella is known to be the festival to the cool kids. So what do you wear to Coachella 2014? Teen Vogue published an article titled "What To Wear To Coachella," which highlights the best outfits seen throughout the festival last year with a slideshow.

    The trend at this music festival leans towards an effortlessly chic and easy look for girls including whimsical ditsy floral dresses, aviators, panama hats and ethnic prints. If there was ever a time that Keds are appropriate, it's now.

    Diva Picks

    coachella, coachella music festival, coachella 2014, diva NY


    We suggest keeping your outfit airy and simple because it can get really hot out there in California. Pack shades and a stylish hat for good measure. This whimsical floral dress exclusive for Diva NY will be available online soon and is in stores selling like hot cakes. For similar styles, see here. We love the Charm necklace and gold gladiator sandals for a less expected look.

    Liked today's post? Are you going to Coachella? Let us know what you'll be wearing. Don't forget to check out our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, @DivaNYcom for more stuff you Divas love.

  • Thursday Beauty: Ponytail Style

    Thursday Beauty: Ponytail Style

    By: ARIELA

    With warmer weather there’s no reason to keep let your hair down and use it as an insulating scarf. The hotter days make a head hot and sweaty – and we usually opt for a chic causal ponytail to keep cool and ventilated.

     Last week we covered the beauty trend of using fresh flowers in hairstyles and spoke about how the look isn’t just for cheesy brides. This week, we’re covering the ponytail and how its not only for celebs on the red carpet or dashing to the gym.

    The Formal Ponytail

    Recently on the red carpet, stars have been sporting a ponytail look that takes on a fancier feel – more done up and more formal. But a ponytail doesn’t have to be so serious; we like to keep it chic and simple.

    Tying your hair back sometimes comes off as haphazard or messy. A lot of women only tie their hair in a ponytail when they’re in the gym. A great way to keep the hairdo looking fresh and current is by using versatile hair ties in fun colors. And we’re not talking about those cheap goodie hair ties that you can get at any pharmacy – introducing: the chicest invention to hair ties since like, ever.

     Neon Hair Ties

    neon hair tie, diva ny, pony tail

    These hair ties exclusive by Shopbop’s private label Bop Basics come assorted 18 in a pack in awesome neon colors like lime, cerulean blue, hot pink and highlighter yellow. The hair ties are thick and perfect for all different types of hair, even thick bushy hair (we’re not exaggerating, humidity in the summer doesn’t discriminate – no one is safe!)

    The hair ties double as a chic accessory. Wear a bunch on your wrists for a bracelet affect. But beware; you won’t want to lend these out to your friends. At $36.00 for a pack of 18, just pretend the ones on your wrist are the last ones you have.

    Neon colors are typically hard to inject into a beauty routine without coming off as clownish or too much. But neon hair ties? Now there’s a thought! And yes, this does count as a beauty trend.

    Wear Them With… 

    neon hair tie, diva ny, pony tail

    Wear these hair ties on your wrist or in your hair in a ponytail to whisk hair away from the face to show off those sexy shoulders in these three neon off the shoulder looks.

    Our neon yellow and neon pink sexy off the shoulder tops are in the same stretchy spandex material as our favorite ¾ sleeve sexy bodycon club dresses, shown here in turquoise.

    Next time you're reluctant to tie your hair in a ponytail remember it can look casual, chic and fun!

    Liked today's post? Have a beauty topic you want us to cover? Let us know! Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, @DivaNYcom for more of the stuff you Divas love.

  • What to Wear on your 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dates!

    Wednesday: What to Wear on Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dates!


    It’s an exciting and nervous feeling when your crush finally asks you for your cell #. If he makes you weak in the knees, planning your outfit can be daunting.

    Let us help you out!

    So, he sends you the epic text that sends you in smiles all day. Your mind starts racing.  Should you come home first and freshen up? Or meet him at the end of a long day? And although we hate to admit it, we are all guilty of shopping for something special for the first date.


    Drinks or coffee?  Sometimes it could be dinner if he is really into you. You gut says to be your sexy bad self. The downside is that too much sex appeal can be intimidating.  Mountains of cleavage and skirts giving off a butt tease can super  distracting – especially if he is extremely attracted to you. He may just stop paying attention to the things that you're saying and knock over his drink.

    On a first date, don't go over the top. Put your casual swag out there and get him comfortable so that he's looking at your face and not your 'girls.' Tops and jeans are the safest bet on a first date.


    ABOVE: Full-Sleeved Sheer High-Low Blouse (Coral) paired with High Waisted Denim Jeans with Detachable Saddle Belt 


    Maybe you had drinks on the first date. Things go well and you are on to the second date, which is usually dinner. The second date is a little stamp of approval to get a little more fancy.  Go for sexy casual. Either an off-the shoulder style, dress with some great shoes.  We asked around and the boys definitely dig manis and pedis and love when Divas wear lots of dresses. Loose and sexy is best so you don't feel bloated after eating!

    Outfit 2 Blog

    ABOVE:  Gone With The Wind High Low Floral Dress (Available @DivaNY Boutiques).


    Chances are – he may want to get a little closer. You’ll know the signs – dinner at his place – maybe watch a movie. You’re instinct may tell you to dress comfy cozy – but forget that.  You want to look your best because chances are, he’s looking his best. Opt for a form-fitting body con that’s not too bling – yet trendy and let the night unravel.

    Outfit 3 Blog


    ABOVE:  Lace Panel Little Black Mini Dress Black

    Liked today's post? Let us know what you'll be wearing. Don't forget to check out our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, @DivaNYcom for more stuff you Divas love.

  • Tuesday Profiles: Fashion Blogger Lynne Gabriel

    Tuesday Profiles: Fashion Blogger Lynne Gabriel

     By: ARIELA

    lynne gabriel, fashion blogger, diva NY

    Meet mega fashion blogger Lynne Gabriel. A native Texan, Lynne’s heart was not always in fashion. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology, originally wanting to pursue a career as a doctor. Her passion was more in the business aspect of any endeavor, and that’s how she came to fashion blogging.

     The Business of Fashion

    Lynne is of Pilipino descent. Her mother owned a jewelry and hair accessories company in the Philippines where Lynne grew up selling in her mom’s store. Her real segue to fashion was when she was going through a hard time back in 2010, and shopping became her outlet. After her mother’s urging, she began to blog and the rest is history.

    Lynne has a cult following with over 6k followers on instagram, a ton more on Facebook and of course loyal readers on her namesake fashion blog, LynneGabriel.com.

     Lynne Gabriel in Diva NY

    Collaborating with Lynne was a piece of cake. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. She actually had reached out to us to collaborate and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

    lynne gabriel, fashion blogger, diva NY

    Lynne chose a white skater dress and blush pink moto jacket. At first, we weren’t expecting her to pair the two pieces together. But when we saw that she did, in such a flawless and effortless way we couldn’t contain ourselves. She hit every trend, pastels, moto, and feminine silhouettes for the spring season.

    The fashion blogger says about her outfit: “When I picked this skater dress and moto jacket from Diva NY, I didn't think they will look like a work-friendly outfit. I think that because of the modest length of the skater dress, it should work well in the workplace. So to you my corporate girls, here's something that you can wear…for both work and play.”

    Style Tips from the Fashion Blogger

    lynne gabriel, fashion blogger, diva NY

    By adding a pop of mint her look really pulled together beautifully. We love the way she styled Diva NY and definitely learned a thing or two from her fashion sense. Read her full blog post on spring inspired work friendly outfits in Diva NY click here.

    Liked today’s post? Want to be a featured fashion blogger in collaboration with our brand? Let us know. Don’t forget to check out our facebook, pinterest, and instagram, @DivaNYcom for more of the stuff you Divas love.

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